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Proud of where we come from,

Passionate about where we are going,

Improving people’s lives by giving the world a better night’s sleep.

Vision & Mission Statement

Vision of HA Bedding & Mattress Group

We want our businesses to actively leverage our unique strengths [long heritage of bedding, entrepreneurship and go-to-market expertise] and in doing so help to improve people’s lives by giving the world a better night’s sleep with our great products and accessories.

The pillars of HA Bedding & Mattress Group’s Mission

  • We consider ourselves the world’s only, truly global, bedding experts with a strong heritage of more than a combined 600 years of experience in developing, designing, manufacturing and selling beds & mattresses. As such a manufacturer and retailer we have extensive know-how on how the right bedding products and accessories can improve the quality of people’s sleep for a healthier life.
  • With our size, we consider ourselves the biggest and most entrepreneurial, results driven and international bedding & mattress group, 40% of our group’s revenues are still in businesses managed by the original founders. In such a competitive industry, only true entrepreneurial behavior will result in winning against competition through unique differentiation.
  • With first hand experiences in all business models in the bedding and mattress sector, from conversion to vertically integrated retailing, we are consistently able to improve and innovate go-to-market strategies to better access and serve the final customers of our products. In an environment where traditional go-to-market structures are being questioned by new incumbents, where consumer behaviors are changing when it comes to retail, only those that develop winning go-to-market strategies will achieve positive revenue and profitability cagr’s.

Our Values

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Passion
  3. Expertise
  4. International
  5. Sharing