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One company – many businesses

Before becoming a leading global bedding and mattress group, the original Hilding Anders started off as a small, family-owned furniture factory in Bjärnum, Sweden. The transformation into a global force in the industry did not take place overnight, nor did it happen by chance. Following a clear strategic direction, the Hilding Anders Bedding & Mattress Group (“HA Group”) is constantly driving top and bottom line growth and scale through organic growth as well as opportunistic add-on acquisitions.

The HA Group is one of the few players in the market with a track record of acting as a consolidator in the industry, having made 23 acquisitions since 2001. We are proud to have some of the world’s most prestigious mattress brands as part of our portfolio.

We actively manage our business portfolio to create and drive profitable growth opportunities. In regards to our brands where we go Direct-to-Consumer (see below), we put a large focus on both online and offline retail. We strive to be digital where possible to enhance our route-to-market (omni-channel) and to create efficiencies. We also have large volumes of both private and white label businesses. From a portfolio perspective we want to own strong brands with growth potential and/or large scale efficient volume businesses with sizeable positions in large markets. In a number of geographies, our business units can combine both branded and private label business. To accomplish this, we regularly review our portfolio for streamlining purposes.

The businesses that have come into the Hilding Anders family have similar roots to our own. Before becoming top players in their respective markets, many of them began just like Hilding Anders as small, regional companies, with entrepreneurial founders who were willing to take risks and had a keen eye for opportunities. Today, we leverage this shared entrepreneurial spirit on a global scale. In some cases, we continue to work with entrepreneurs and we’re always interested in new opportunities to do so.

The role of the group management is to create efficiencies where these add value and do not compromise the ability of the divisions to perform. The group management coordinates activities such as purchasing, manufacturing footprint and excellence, including central production units, technology platforms like smart-beds and scarce unique resources like top retail design. We also coordinate and support from a group perspective the development of contracting (hotels) and marine business across our divisions, a business line that we have been engaged in for almost 40 years.

The group has organized its business units in to the following divisions:

1. Premium Sleep Lifestyle Brands (Premium Brands Division)

President: Geoff Gysin
This unit is headquartered in Switzerland and manages the following premium brands:

1. Carpe Diem Beds (BU Carpe Diem Beds)
2. Bico (BU Switzerland)
3. Jensen (BU Jensen)

This group focuses on developing premium brands internationally, beyond their home territories. They pursue a go-to-market strategy which will primarily involve direct to consumer business models, both online and offline.

Typically, the model of choice is DTC (i.e. “Direct-to-Consumer”), either through owned operated stores or through franchise partners. In some cases, in the home-market, e.g. Jensen in Norway and Bico in Switzerland, a mainly wholesale approach is currently used. The responsibility of route-to-market lies exclusively with the division leadership.

2. Askona Russia Division

President: Roman Ershov
This unit is based in Kovrov, Russia operating under the brand name “Askona”. Askona is the single biggest bedding & mattress producer in Russia (DTC & wholesale), operating close to 1000 retail stores that are strategically positioned all across the country.

3. Slumberland Division

President: Marco Righi
This unit is based in Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai with primary focus on the Chinese (DTC), Malaysian (wholesale) and Thai (DTC & wholesale) markets operating primarily with our global brand “Slumberland”. In China we have approximately 250 operated and franchise stores [per the end of 2018]. Slumberland is also present in other Asian markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong. The brand also supplies beds and mattresses to some of the most luxurious 5-star hotel chains in Asia.

4. European House of Brands Division

President: Hans de Jongste and Ovidiu-Radu Petreaca
This unit consists of brands with a clear, differentiating value proposition to the end-customer. The main business model is wholesale/B2B ranging from independent retailers to furniture chains as well as in some individual cases DTC. We focus on further enhancing the positions of these brands through product features and sophisticated point of sale concepts.

The brands included are:

Eastborn/Pullman (BU Netherlands)
André Renault/Dodo/Zingem entity (BU France/Belgium)
Tropico (BU Czech Republic)
Hespo (BU Croatia)
Bedding Italia (BU Italy)

5. Nordic Division

Presidents: Björn Edwardzon & Klaus Erbismann
This unit encompasses the volume activities in the northern European market together with local, wholesale brands (e.g. Ekens, Hilding, Dunlopillo and Sleepwell) that we run in individual countries. The main business model is B2B ranging from independent retailers to large furniture chains.

The Nordic division is comprised of:

Denmark Other (BU Denmark)
Sweden Other (BU Sweden)
Norway Other (New BU Norway without Jensen)
Finland & Baltic (BU Finland & Baltic)

6. Converter Division

President: Björn Edwardzon
This unit consists of two factories; one in Poland and the other in Tianjin, China. These factories mainly serve IKEA outlets in Europe as well as in China.

7. Venture Division

Included here is is currently a German-based unit that operates a purely digital B2B model. It primarily sells its products via Amazon and Otto in Germany.

BU Spain is also included here.