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The test dimensions

Good Night’s SleepLab will test products in four dimensions: Ergonomics, Hygiene, Bed climate and Durability.

The definition of our test dimensions was a process that took months of painstaking analysis and research. We asked ourselves how we, in the best possible way, can design tests that align with consumer needs. To answer that question, we hosted workshops, involving medicine experts, test specialists, physiotherapists and, most importantly, consumers.

We made thorough studies of both literature and other test procedures. Given that none of the existing test procedures seemed to use more than one or two test parameters, the conclusion was that none of them was enough.

Therefore, we developed a test set-up with the following four parameters:

To support back relaxation, a bed must adapt to body contours. We test lying properties, body support and regeneration.
Criteria measured: Comfort and relaxation.

Particularly important to people suffering from allergies. We test anti-bacterial substances to prevent bacteria, fungus and odour.
Criteria measured: Cleanliness and freshness

Bed climate
To sleep well, we need to have the right temperature and a dry climate under the bed cover. We test air permeability, moisture transportation and temperature control.
Criteria measured: A dry and pleasant bed climate

A mattress should last for up to 10 years, and withstand moisture, pressure and temperature fluctuations. We test life span and durability.
Criteria measured: Reliability and safety