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At the Hilding Anders Group, we view it as our mission to create state-of-the-art products that help people around the world to get a good night’s sleep. This is why we focus on constant innovation to create superior products for our customers. We are a leader in product innovations, capturing trends across markets and bringing innovation to life. From the initial concept to the actual manufacturing in our production facilities around the world – we are proud to play a significant part in shaping the beds and mattresses of tomorrow.

Our Swiss test centre is where we analyze, test and certify our products. We see our test facility as a big and important step on the way. Why? Because it is our firm belief that we, in order to genuinely meet consumer needs, have to offer a variety of brands, technologies and sleep concepts.

We started planning for the test centre already in 2013. In collaboration with the renowned Swiss AEH Institute, we defined and designed our test procedures and dimensions. In early 2014, we began to set up the SleepLab – and in October, it was officially opened.


SleepLab thinking

We all have different sleeping habits. That’s one of the ideas behind Good Night’s SleepLab.


The test procedure

How we test and what we test – get the details on how it’s all done.


How we sleep

What kind of sleeper are you? Check out our guide on sleeping positions!