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Hilding Anders coaches the Swedish Olympic Team to optimal sleep

2020-03-12 [Press release]

In the run-up to the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo and Beijing, the Swedish Olympic Committee will initiate a partnership with sleep expert Hilding Anders. Coaching in the areas of sleep and recovery is the foundation of the partnership, with the goal of maximizing the performance of the athletes.

Malmo/Stockholm, Sweden, 12 March 2020. The coaching will start prior to the Olympics in Tokyo where 20-30 Swedish athletes will be given expert counselling to achieve optimal recovery. Hilding Anders will also provide all active athletes with travel kits and build two recovery rooms in Tokyo. The rooms will be equipped with four beds where the athletes can recover before and after their performances.

- The partnership with Hilding Anders is an important part of our effort in the Olympics this summer but also for future Olympics. We believe that the road to medals begin with a good night’s sleep. This is a project that will make Olympic dreams come true, says Peter Reinebo, Head of the Swedish Olympic Committee.

The partnership will be handled through the Hilding Anders’ Jensen brand. Jensen have built world-class beds and matrasses for the last 70 years. With their new venture, Jensen Sleep, they are taking a holistic approach to the concept of ultimate sleep, from the bed to healthy routines.

- Lack of sleep affects both your physical and mental health negatively. Research shows that our performance capacity decreases if we don´t get enough sleep. Two hours of lost sleep can impair your reactivity by 0.5 seconds and make you exhausted 30% earlier than you would have been with sufficient sleep. In the strive for medals, recovery plays an equally important part as training and nutrition. We will fight for every hour of high-quality sleep we can give our athletes, says Sanjay Verma, Chief Sleep Officer at Hilding Anders.


Hilding Anders
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Swedish Olympic Committee
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Head of Media
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