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Carpe Diem Beds – The Ultimate Swedish Luxury Bed



After many years of the same brand “look and feel”, Carpe Diem Beds embarked on a revitalization process in the year of 2017. The result, that manifested itself in 2018, ranges from a new, more modern logo & visual appearance, a stronger digital presence to a new tone of voice in all of its communications. The entire process was carried out in close consideration to the brand’s mission to provide a perfect combination of luxurious comfort and stylish design to sleep performers across the globe.

Carpe Diem Beds’ (“CDB”) vision is to be the world’s most desirable bed brand with a distinct focus on design and modern style. Although the brand has been well established in key markets, such as Sweden, for several years, the CDB – team understood through extensive consumer insight studies that there were some tweaks to be made in order to attract more specific consumer base and build a strong international brand & market position.

“We wanted to communicate to our customers and consumers that 2018 is the start of a new era for Carpe Diem Beds. Not only do we have a new visual appearance and stronger digital presence, but during the course of this year we have launched exciting new products, designs and fabrics that are aligned with our new concept and brand campaign. The concept is carefully crafted to resonate with our target group, i.e. design-oriented individuals who appreciate design, comfort and luxury”, says Linda Schori, Commercial Director of Carpe Diem Beds.

The brand update was highlighted in a folder which was distributed to all current and possible future CDB retailers and highlights the new creative direction summarized under the new slogan “Swedish Luxury”.

“We want to evolve our fan base and make consumers feel pride of owning a Carpe Diem Bed. Consumers who are planning to buy a bed should shift their mindset to “we are planning to buy a Carpe Diem Bed”. That is our goal and our way of reaching that goal will be through story-telling and emotional branding. While traditional bed campaigns show a bed in the bedroom and solely speak about the function of the bed, we are more interested about the fact that the bed is the piece of furniture that you have the strongest personal relationship with. We want to build on that aspect”, says Linda Schori.

The CDB-team launched an awareness campaign in the beginning of the year, which proved to be highly successful. Through four carefully crafted ads that circulated well-established newspapers and interior magazines in the Nordics and the Netherlands, CDB witnessed a surge in online traffic to all of their respective digital channels.

But what has created a significant pull effect has been two-folded. On the one hand, their new product, “Vindö”, – an adjustable bed that uniquely provides the illusion of “floating” above the ground. While on the other hand, additional buzz was garnered through CDB’s brand movie that was released in early fall of this year.

Vindö includes, just like most beds from CDB, the patented “Contour Pocket System”, a pocket spring technology which upholsters every individual spring. In this patented spring system, the padding materials are fully integrated in each spring as opposed to being placed on top of the spring system. This provides a superb ergonomic quality to the bed and increases the comfortability significantly, providing a feeling of weightlessness. The result is truly remarkable.

So what can we expect from CDB in 2019?

Continue to expand and grow the brand. By reinforcing CDB’s attractive and unique product offering and building up concept stores, the goal is to maximize the value to the final customer.

The Hilding Anders Bedding & Mattress Group’s strategy focuses on tailored growth across its’ newly formed divisions to further strengthen its’ leading position in the bedding and mattress industry. Carpe Diem Beds is included in the Group’s “Premium Brands Division”, consisting of additional premium & luxury brands “Jensen” and “Bico”. The division is managed by Geoff Gysin who was appointed in September of 2018. Geoff Gysin, former International President of Tumi, a premium travel, business and accessories brand, has extensive experience in building brand awareness, optimizing business performance and successfully executing growth strategies.

As part of the strategy, CDB will focus on expanding its’ digital footprint as well as its’ own retail system via flagship concept stores, retail partnerships and franchising models, thus extending the brand’s value creation.