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Bico – Swiss since 1861


In early summer this year, one of the Hilding Anders Bedding & Mattress Group’s key premium brands, Bico, presented a renewed and revitalized branding approach.

“We decided to go back to our roots, cherishing the importance of our heritage, how Bico has improved the wellbeing of people in Switzerland for so many generations. This is of course something that we value highly and want to nurture”, says Dr. Stefan Brungs, General Manager of Bico.

The transformation was holistic, as no stone was left unturned. During a house fair in Schänis, or “hause messe” at it was referred to locally, key retailers were invited to witness a completely new product assortment under the new concept “beauty of a swiss night”, innovations resulting in several new patents, and a new look-and-feel, ranging from the branding to the communication.

The new product assortment includes a new boxspring that revolves around Bico’s Swiss heritage. “Every fabric, every material in the bed is from around here. When discussing the new collection amongst the team, we had many ideas, but ultimately we kept going back to the idea of only using materials that are locally produced and, in other words, close to home”, says Jens Fischer, Director of Marketing, Product Development and E-commerce.

The fact of the matter is that Bico is one of the world’s oldest bedding manufactures, being founded in 1861. The management team of Bico made sure that the brand’s DNA was deeply engraved into the new collection. All materials in Bico’s new boxspring assortment are locally produced. The headboard, for example, is made out of authentic Swiss wool, whilst the mattress has the local mountain lines stylistically embroidered.

The new Bico line-up will be available in stores early October, 2018, and we can expect more innovations and products in the near future.

“We are very excited about launching our own smart bed. We strongly believe this will be a product that the market has never seen before and will have a significant impact on consumers sleep and wellbeing”, says Dr Stefan Brungs.

The smart bed consists of a technology that includes, amongst other things, an innovative smart fabric. The smart fabric consists of a market-leading sensor layer that measures pressure distribution on each side of the mattress in order to provide consumers with a unique and personalized experience. The development of the Smart Bed is a group endeavor that took place in Hilding Anders own Sleeb laboratory i.e. the “SleebLab” in Schänis and will be introduced via Bico first in Europe.

“While there are several smart solutions out in the market today, most of them are focused on helping you analyze your sleep when you wake up. Our approach is different. We wanted to create a smart bed that has the ability to improve your sleep while sleeping and our new Smart Bed does exactly that”, Pepyn Dinandt, Chairman & Group CEO, concludes.

Catch a glimpse from Bico’s house fair earlier this year:



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