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We’ve been making beds since 1939, when founder Hilding Andersson decided to open a furniture factory in Bjärnum, Sweden. In spite of hard times, and thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and skilled craftsmanship, the company thrived. By the end of the 1940s, the factory gained a reputation for its high quality products.

Increased demands for bedroom furniture

The end of the 1950s saw bedroom furniture becoming increasingly popular with consumers. After 20 years in the business, Hilding Andersson settled into his own niche within the furniture market by focusing mainly on bedroom furniture. At this point, IKEA became a costumer and still is.

Hilding’s son, Olle Andersson, proved himself to be a great innovator. In 1972, under his leadership, the company launched a new mattress design, known as the ’Polyspring’. 1976 brought an exciting international breakthrough when Hilding Anders won a large order for a new hotel in Russia.

From family business to global company

In 1980, Hilding Anders made the decision to focus exclusively on beds. When Olle Anderson’s daughter Ann-Charlotte and her husband Bengt took over the management of the company, export took off and a policy of acquisition began.

Growth by acquisition

By 1991, Hilding Anders had become the largest manufacturer of beds in Scandinavia, and we began to look for more opportunities in the European market. An intense period of acquisitions began. Staying true to our company spirit, we focused on acquiring companies with small business roots and a strong local presence. By doing so, we managed to stay close to the customer, while becoming the largest bed manufacturer in Europe, Asia and Russia.

A new strategy

We have introduced a new strategic plan where we focus on strengthening the Hilding Anders brand, moving ahead as a united company, and becoming the true leader of the bed industry.