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Hilding Anders core brands

Our core brands are brands that have the potential to be sold in most markets. They drive innovation, and invest significant resources in being leaders in originality. Our five core brands constitute approximately 30% of the Group’s net sales.


The Swedish brand Carpe Diem Beds was established in 1995 and acquired by Hilding Anders in 2013. Carpe Diem Beds is one of the leading manufacturers in Sweden and exports beds to twenty countries around the world. Focusing on design, lifestyle and premium quality, the bed frames are made from fine Swedish pine and the top mattresses from New Zealand wool and cotton.


Our Russian company Askona is the only player on the Russian market with a multi-brand portfolio, including the license for the US brands King Koil and Serta. Askona also manufactures private label beds and mattresses, and is the main supplier to a number of large furniture chains in the Russian market. In total, Askona exceeds 30% market share and is by far the leading bed manufacturer in the country. The brand covers all price segments and has been part of Hilding Anders since 2010.


Bico was founded in 1861, and is the market leader bed brand in Switzerland. Today, one in four Swiss people sleep in a Bico bed. With brand awareness of no less than 90%, Bico is one of the best-known brands in the country, across all sectors. Bico is a premium brand and has been part of Hilding Anders since 2001. It is also sold in France, the Netherlands and Canada. In 2015, Bico was launched in China as well.


Since 1947, Jensen’s beds have been manufactured in Svelvik, Norway. Reclining comfort is reflected in everything from the mattress’s comfort to the choice of materials, shape and needlework. Scandinavian design with pure lines and colours is a distinguishing feature of Jensen’s products.


Slumberland was founded in 1919 and is one of the leading bed brands in Asia. The range includes divan beds with integrated storage underneath, and all Slumberland products have a unique spring system that provides comfort for the body. The brand is in the medium and premium price segments. Hilding Anders has held the rights to the brand since 2001.