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Today, the Hilding Anders brand portfolio is the biggest and broadest in the bedding industry, made up of half a dozen core brands and a selection of local brands. Our offer is divided into two segments: bedding brands and private label, each accounting for approximately 50% of our business.

While many companies have a niched offer, or are active within one or two price segments, we manufacture beds in every price category, and in a variety of functions and designs.

For our private label customers, we manufacture products that will then be sold under the customer’s own name. Our private label offer can be tailored to match customer needs. In addition to manufacturing products according to customer specifications, we can offer consulting and product development.




Our core brands are brands that have the potential to be sold in most markets. They drive innovation, and invest significant resources in being leaders in originality. Our five core brands constitute approximately 30% of the Group’s net sales.




Many of our local brands have an exclusively national presence, while others are available regionally. These brands have a strong identity in their markets, and a product offer that is geared towards local preferences. Local brands constitute approximately 17% of the Group’s net sales.



Hilding Anders is proud to manufacture brands and collections for many leading furniture chains all over Europe and Asia.

Our knowledge and expertise often leads to an extended partnership, where we are involved from the development of the initial concept until the product is finished. In this arrangement, we act as a manufacturing supplier and produce products under the customers’ names.

IKEA has been a customer since 1959. In 2014, IKEA Group had 315 stores in 28 countries. More than 771 million people paid them a visit during the year, many of whom stopped by the bed department.

Jysk has been a customer since 1979. They currently have about 2320 stores in 41 countries, primarily in Europe.

We also collaborate with the French chain of department stores Conforama, one of the world’s leading players in the fields of furniture, household items and white goods. The Dutch bed specialist Beter Bed is a major customer, as are Maison de la Literie and BUT in France, IDEmøbler in Denmark, ILVA in Scandinavia and both Vox and Black Red White in Poland.


Hotel & Marine

The extensive range of beds and mattresses makes Hilding Anders the perfect partner for any international hotel chain. Hilding Anders also supplies mattresses for ships and passenger ferries.

The hotel bed plays a vital part in every travel experience. In the – usually – confined space of the hotel room, the bed is not only the place where the traveler sleeps. It is also where he or she reads, watches TV works – this is where the presentation for tomorrow’s meeting gets that final touch.

Our core brands for hotels and marine are Hilding, Jensen, Askona and Slumberland. Thanks to our well-known brands, experience and global presence, Hilding Anders is working in close partnerships with international hotel chains and cruise lines such as Marriott (including Courtyard by Marriott), Holiday Inn, Crown Plaza, Radisson Blu, Wyndham, Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line and Royal Caribbean.