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Hilding Anders extends production of mouth-nose-masks to Tallinn and Kovrov

2020-04-08 [Press release]

We are excited to announce that we have been able to extend production of mouth-nose-masks to further plants in Tallinn (Estonia) and Kovrov (Russia).

Malmö, 8 April 2020. Two weeks ago, Hilding Anders started the first mask production. Today, we are excited to announce that we have been able to extend production to further plants in Tallinn (Estonia) and Kovrov (Russia). Beyond local markets, the extension of production allows us to provide additional capacities for consumers in Western Europe, where the need for mouth-nose-masks available to the general public is steadily increasing. The Tallinn plant will be able to produce a wide variety of masks and is currently in the process of obtaining national certifications in other European countries such as AFNOR in France.

The masks produced consist of two layers (cotton and a non-woven fabric), which are attached with either cotton or elastic bands. They are washable at 95°C and therefore reusable.

Hilding Anders is also actively seeking ways to help local communities through donations or other relevant activities. In Czech Republic, we have initiated first collaborations with local hospitals as well as with retirement and nursing homes and deliver mouth-nose-masks to some local authorities on a daily basis. We have also donated already more than 10,000 masks to first responders, hospitals and fire and police departments in Croatia.

About Hilding Anders
Hilding Anders is a global leader in bedding, operating 18 manufacturing sites across Europe and five plants in Asia. We know how important it is to maintain good bed hygiene and the hygienic properties of a mattress for as long as possible. Mattress sewing is one of our core competences. In the present circumstances, we are putting to work this know-how, our production skills, and capacity, as well as our customer proximity to provide our employees and external third parties with mouth-nose-masks.

Hilding Anders has started production of mouth-nose-masks in five plants, Tallinn (Estonia), Kovrov (Russia), Prelog (Croatia), Vromshoop (Netherlands) and Roztoky u Jilemnice (Czech Republic), making the best possible use the company's significant European production capacity.

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