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Hilding Anders Started Production of Hospital Mattresses in Czech Republic


Hilding Anders previously reported the production of surgical masks in five plants. Whilst the need for mouth-nose-masks available to the public is still experienced in various countries around the world, so is state-of-the art and certified hospital bedding.

Hilding Anders has, during the last 6 months, developed a specific bedding assortment for hospitals and residential homes that has been certified and approved by Czech authorities and will be tested for certification for all markets of the EU in June 2020. The new mattress assortment consists of 13 different mattresses developed together with orthopedists and biomedicine engineers. The mattresses are specifically designed to be highly durable and provide optimal pressure distribution regardless of body types or sleeping position. Only certified materials that are safe for both the patient and the environment have been used to ensure the optimal ergonomic functions as well as the necessary breathability features. All of the 13 mattresses are equipped with a cover developed to protect against moisture with a technology that ensures vapor removal and ideal thermal comfort for patients.

Whilst Hilding Anders as a group has extensive knowledge about sleep, mattress and bedding production, the company has never before produced mattresses specifically to hospitals. However, Hilding Anders has an unwavering support to the heroic efforts of healthcare workers who are on the frontline in the fight to end COVID-19 and as a mattress and bedding company, we want to support in the best way we can.

Hilding Anders’ Czech subsidiary has already sent the first trucks with hospital mattresses to hospitals across the country. In parallel, the Group is in the process of looking to acquire necessary certificates to produce for hospitals in more countries around the world. In Russia, for example, the plant has extended the production of facemasks to produce protective clothing for hospital workers.

Hilding Anders is also actively seeking ways to help local communities through donations or other relevant activities. In both Czech Republic and Belgium, we have initiated such collaborations with hospitals and residential homes where we have donated mattresses to equip on-duty rooms and rest rooms for caregivers.


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