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©Heidiland … Switzerland ©Heidiland … Switzerland

BICO partnered with conceptual artists to provide a unique hotel experience

2020-09-23 [Press release]

The Swiss premium-bedding brand, BICO, became an exclusive partner to the innovative project, “Zero Real Estate” – a collaboration with conceptual artists, Frank & Patrik Riklin and hotel expert Daniel Charbonnier.

From early July to Mid-August of this year, people visiting the “Zero Real Estate” hotel were met with a unique experience centered on the beauty of Swiss nature and landscape. Seven different locations across Eastern Switzerland had hotel suites with no walls or roofs available for booking. Guests were able to experience a luxurious evening under stars with a dedicated butler, great dinner and last but not least… They got to sleep under the stars on a state-of-the art bed from BICO.

Granted the idiosyncrasy of such a project, to create an intervention between art and economy, society and everyday life is something that brothers Frank & Patrik Riklin have worked on for years. They are concept artists who have an affinity for unusual collaborations between art and entrepreneurship.

“Zero Real Estate” is a project that emerged between 2016 and 2017, and the concept was launched in Graubünden Safiental and Appenzellerland in Eastern Switzerland. A personal butler, who is not only a warm host, but also a hardworking farmer, winemaker or cook with longstanding ties to the region and thus its conditions and traditions, hosts the guest. A unique and truly mesmerizing experience.

“The combination of the experience of sleeping on BICO with the artistic project reduces the sleeping experience to the essential. In a breath-taking environment, guests could thus experience the beauty of the night. Even the artists were convinced of the connection, to intensify the unique experience,” commented Jens Fischer, Director Marketing, Development & E-Commerce at BICO.


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