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On the 4th of February, the red carpet had been rolled out for a special dealer event of Hilding Anders Netherlands. Over 150 relations of Hilding Anders Netherlands paid a visit to Vroomshoop to learn more about the innovations and motivations for 2019 and the novelties of the various brands.

The strategic plans for the brands Eastborn, Pullman, Carpe Diem Beds and Jensen were presented by Laurain Engel, Commercial Director, and Lars de Ruiter, Area Sales Manager at Hilding Anders Netherlands. Laurain and Lars emphasized the importance of a multimedia approach, including marketing, branding and storytelling for each brand. The presentation was followed by a delicious lunch where after the group was divided to get a more in-depth tour of each individual brand. An important part was of course testing the beds by lying down on them to get the full experience. Furthermore; Bas Nijhuis, a famous Dutch referee, gave an inspiring speech about teamwork and communication.

Eastborn 60 years

Among those present, there were a few very special guests. For example, the founders and former owners of Eastborn, the Mostert family, attended the event. Mrs. Mostert remembers the exact day of the start of Eastborn: “I remember it very well, it was October 6th, 1959 when my husband bought the factory property for Eastborn here in Vroomshoop. It started as a mattress factory but if you look at the company as it is today, it has expanded tremendously.” The family was very enthusiastic about the new plans and ideas that were presented and were proud to see the developments Eastborn has made during the 60 years of their existence.

In 1971 Mr. Samsen joined Eastborn, as the youngest colleague of the Sales department. After some changes in the board, Samsen took over Eastborn in ‘83. Samsen: “I still have the handwritten letters from Mr. Mostert asking if I wanted to take over the company. I had great ideas for the branding of Eastborn, and therefore invested a lot in marketing and advertising which worked out very well. And to see that same strategy being used in the presentation today made me very happy. It is of great importance that the story of a brand is being told. A bright future lies ahead for Eastborn.” Eastborn became part of the Hilding Anders Group in 2001.

Full speed ahead

Chairman & Group CEO of the Hilding Anders Group, Pepyn Dinandt, was also present at this special day. Dinandt: “I am very proud to see what the team has achieved today, the plan worked out very well. One of the most important developments I have seen today is ‘storytelling’. We want to reach the dealers and customers via a multimedia approach to get them excited for the brands. Innovation and product development will support the story’s we’d like to tell.”

His colleague Hans de Jongste, President of the European House of Brands Division, who was co-owner of Eastborn when the brand was acquired by Hilding Anders, fully agrees. De Jongste: “The focus of today was also about the two Dutch brands Pullman and Eastborn. Where Pullman already has a strong market position, we want to bring Eastborn back on the market too. I am very glad to see that there is a lot of trust in our capabilities to achieve this.”

Chairman & Group CEO, Pepyn Dinandt

The concepts

Dealers were presented with the new “look and feel” of Eastborn which offers several concepts under the brand’s head positioning, all of which cater to a specific target group. The brand will offer consumers 5 different concepts, the first one being “Rebel” which is adapted for a younger consumer group, probably in the process of buying their very own first bed. The second concept, “Energy”, is the step-in series for the brand.

The 3rd concept is called “My bed”, which focuses on personalization, offering consumers the chance to acquire a bed that is best suited for own individual needs. “My bed” is followed by “Modern” which is one of Eastborn’s most premium range. Finally, the fifth concept “Sand”, is a returning, yet revitalized, premium range of Eastborn that was first introduced more than a decade ago.

At the end of the day Laurain Engel, Commercial Director of Hilding Anders Nederland, looked back and concluded it was a fantastic day for the dealers as well as for Hilding Anders Nederland. Engel: “Since everyone knows what our plans are, we have to take action now. The train runs on full speed, and all those positive responses from the dealers has truly given so much motivation to make everyone proud.”


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