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Hilding Anders Switzerland is one of the Swiss market leaders specializing in sleep comfort. This is the result of hard work, long experience and an honest commitment to a healthy sleep.

Hilding Anders has been present in Switzerland since 2007 through the acquisition of BICO, which was founded in 1861. In 2008 Hilding Anders also acquired the brand happy, another leading manufacturer of beds and mattresses in Switzerland, founded in 1895. Both brands are produced in our production facilities in Schänis, by our 110 employees. We cover the entire market with a full range of mattresses and beds, fixed and adjustable, in the branded and private label segments.

our Mission

is to give the world a good night’s sleep.

our Vision

is to be the leading provider of beds, recognized by the industry and trusted by consumers.

Sleep philosophy


Our philosophy on a good night’s sleep is based on a number of specific elements. Ergonomics, climate and hygiene are the first three, which are based on mattress comfort. Then there is design, durability and environmental impact, which are linked to how you feel about the bed you sleep in.

Our beds and mattresses are designed to look as good as they feel, allowing people to sleep better in a room that relaxes them. And since our products are durable, your customers can rest assured knowing they will sleep well for years to come. Last but not least, our beds and mattresses have a low impact on the environment. And by protecting the planet, everyone can sleep better.

This is Hilding Anders

Giving the world a good night’s sleep has always been our guiding star, right from the start back in 1939. Today, thanks to our technical know-how and broad geographical coverage, we’re able to adapt our products to individual markets.

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Since its beginning we commit to understand human sleep in its entire complexity and individuality. Due to intensive cooperation with sleep scientists and the Center of Ergonomics and Hygiene AEH, based in Zürich, we are always a step ahead of its time.

The production of all mattress and bases takes place in our production facilities in Schänis where we employ 110 employees. Mattress cores and covers are mostly manufactured domestically. Even our suppliers are Swiss enterprises, with whom we maintain a long-term and trustful business relationship.


Hilding Anders Switzerland AG
Biltnerstrasse 42
8718 Schänis

Tel. +41 55 619 66 00
Fax +41 55 619 66 01


Dr. Stefan Brungs
General Manager Hilding Anders Switzerland AG