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Carefully selected Scandinavian brands

Jensen is a brand in the premium segment that focuses on innovation, design and sleeping comfort. The brand was founded in 1947 in Norway and over the years it has grown to become well established in many international markets, primarily in Europe, but also in several other international markets. Under the motto “Designed for Sleep Comfort”, Jensen offers outstanding sleeping comfort and design for consumers who want the very best in terms of both beds and accessories.

Carpe Diem Beds is a Swedish premium brand which offers both unique sleeping comfort and a lifestyle experience based on skilled craftsmanship, as well as quality and flair. Founded in in 1995, the brand has a leading position on the Swedish market. Through its product promise, Carpe Diem Beds gives its customers an outstanding sleeping experience combined with a sense of luxury and enjoyment at the very highest level.

Hilding is in the mid-price segment. The name comes from Hilding Andersson, who founded the company Hilding Anders in 1939. The range consists of box spring beds in all formats available in the market, and with a full range of top mattresses and accessories for a complete bedroom. All beds meet the criteria of the Nordic Ecolabel, and some are recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association The position of Hilding is aimed at the family in its broadest sense under the motto: Sleep Well – Live Well.

Ekens is a brand in the mid-price segment and comes with a strong tradition. The brand was founded in 1938 near Karlshamn, Sweden, by Frank Sandberg and it remained in family ownership until it was acquired by Hilding Anders in 1991. The product range consists of box spring beds, top mattresses and accessories, with a focus on a good night’s sleep and bedroom design – for a more comfortable life. Ekens is a broad-based brand aimed primarily at women, although it also appeals to others.