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Bedding Italia has operated on the Italian market since 1986 and is positioned in the medium to medium-high price segment. It designs beds, mattresses and bedding accessories for guaranteed comfort, strength, user-friendliness, versatility and ergonomics. Bedding Italia products are designed with a wide variety of personal preferences and family routines in mind, to ensure the highest sleep quality. All the mattresses can also be combined with accessories and fittings, so as to obtain a bedding system perfectly suited to everyone’s requirements. Beds by Bedding Italia – bedding to be experienced.


CUREM introduces mattress and pillow collection made of a special memory-foam, which perfectly adapts to the body shape. CUREM born in Switzerland, today products are made in Italy, ensuring the highest comfort and an excellence breathability. The CUREM products help to prevent, or to ease, muscle and joint pains. Feel free to try the most modern technology for the perfect support.


Crown Bedding founded in Belgium at the beginning of the 20th century and has been manufacturing functional, practical and impeccable sleep products for more than a century. For the Italian market, it features a modern collection with traditional values, made and sold in Italy. The products are young, easy and with an attractive price for aware and careful consumers.


Jensen is a brand in the premium segment that focuses on innovation, design and sleeping comfort. The brand was founded in 1947 in Norway and over the years it has grown to become well established in many international markets, primarily in Europe, but also in several other international markets. Under the motto “Designed for Sleep Comfort”, Jensen offers outstanding sleeping comfort and design for consumers who want the very best in terms of both beds and accessories.


Established in 1919, the Slumberland factory quickly became a jewel of British craftsmanship, recognized by the most important royal officials. Today, it continues its quest for perfection, offering a rare alchemy between innovative technology, tradition and luxury design. Beneath the sumptuous finish, each high-quality bed has been designed in a state of the art to provide exclusive comfort and totally tailored to the specific needs of its proud owner.