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Hilding Anders on the Italian market

Hilding Anders has been present in Italy since 2008 through the acquisition of Bedding Srl, which was founded in 1986. Being part of Europe’s largest manufacturer of beds and mattresses, Hilding Anders Italy is attentive to trends and customers’ changing needs.

We have a portfolio of cutting-edge products, featuring the best technology and a truly unique choice of materials. Since we are part of an international company, we have extensive knowledge of our fellow European countrymen’s’ bedding preferences. This makes us a cost-efficient manufacturer that can offer bedding products and sales concepts that puts us aside from the competition.

our Mission

is to give the world a good night’s sleep.

our Vision

is to be the leading provider of beds, recognized by the industry and trusted by consumers.

Sleep philosophy


Our philosophy on a good night’s sleep is based on a number of specific elements. Ergonomics, climate and hygiene are the first three, which are based on mattress comfort. Then there is design, durability and environmental impact, which are linked to how you feel about the bed you sleep in.

Our beds and mattresses are designed to look as good as they feel, allowing people to sleep better in a room that relaxes them. And since our products are durable, your customers can rest assured knowing they will sleep well for years to come. Last but not least, our beds and mattresses have a low impact on the environment. And by protecting the planet, everyone can sleep better.

This is Hilding Anders

Giving the world a good night’s sleep has always been our guiding star, right from the start back in 1939. Today, thanks to our technical know-how and broad geographical coverage, we’re able to adapt our products to individual markets.

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Private Label

Experts in customer brands

Hilding Anders Italy is a competent partner when it comes to offering customer-specific product concepts. A key account manager actively supports the customer to provide him with the access to all the competence the company possesses in the sleep category and to help him in more market-conscious and image-coherent choices.

Together with our local product development department, we work with the customer to create a winning concept based on our leading-edge competence. Once the product concept has been defined, it is managed professionally by our ISO-certified business. We are at your side all the way, and our national sales force can offer help with matters such as training, for example.



The netwrok value

We are the European leader in the production of beds and mattresses, with 9.500 employees in over 40 countries. Thanks to our network of experts in bedding technology and product development we can act close to customers’ needs and closely follow trends in the bedding industry.

From the customers’ point of view, our key competitive advantage is our price-quality correlation. We offer products of different levels of quality and price, all in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

From our manufacturing unit Pove del Grappa (Vicenza), we are able to ship quickly products to our customers – no matter where in Italy they are.

Developing and shipping our products in this way, we live up to our corporate mission of "giving the world a good night’s sleep”.



Focus on B2B needs

Good sleep is essential, wherever you are. Sleep is a necessity of life, especially when you’re not at home. Travelers, hotel guests, people working away from home, verybody needs a good night’s rest to be fit during the day. And it’s exactly for this group of people that Contract Line has been developed.

Our hotel and marine products combine Hilding Anders comfort, quality and durability. They also meet the branches’ specific safety requirements. And of course housekeeping and hygiene aspects have been taken into consideration. Because at the end of the day, everyone deserves a good night’s rest.


Hilding Anders Italy
Pove del Grappa
Via Verona 20
36020 (VI)

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Marco Righi
General Manager

Gabriele Nuzzi
Sales Director

Elena D’Inca
Finance Manager