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Carefully selected Scandinavian brands

Hilding Sweden bed

Hilding-Sweden connects tradition with modernity, a fresh start-up approach combined with more than 75 years of experience. With the same passion for well-being and deep knowledge of customer needs as the rest of Hilding Anders’ brands, Hilding-Sweden.com supplies state-of-the art beds and mattresses strictly through online sales. Today, Hilding-Sweden is one of the most searched mattress brands on www.amazon.de. Visit Hilding-Sweden.com to find out more.

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Our gift to you is wonderful nights and energy-filled days. Thanks to a unique symbiosis of leading-edge technologies and high-quality materials, all CUREM mattresses achieve a completely new dimension of breathability and sleeping comfort.
Our tests prove it: CUREM’s CureFeel viscoelastic foam is more breathable as memory-foam mattresses of other manufacturers. The result: an agreeably fresh sleeping climate, combined with perfect support without pressure. Experience a new level of wellbeing with CUREM.

Jensen bed

Jensen is a brand in the premium segment that focuses on innovation, design and sleeping comfort. The brand was founded in 1947 in Norway and over the years it has grown to become well established in many international markets, primarily in Europe, but also in several other international markets. Under the motto “Designed for Sleep Comfort”, Jensen offers outstanding sleeping comfort and design for consumers who want the very best in terms of both beds and accessories.


Carpe Diem Beds is a premium brand with an offering that provides both unique sleeping comfort and a lifestyle experience based on not only skilled craftsmanship, but also quality and flair. Founded in Lysekil in 1995, the brand has established itself as one of the leaders in Sweden. Through its product promise, Carpe Diem Beds gives its customers an outstanding sleeping experience combined with a sense of luxury and enjoyment at the very highest level.