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Carefully selected products and brands

The combination of our Czech heritage, forefront Swedish production techniques and Scandinavian design, results in bedding solutions that meet all our customers’ needs.

Hilding Anders Ceská republika a.s.' brands are well-known on the Czech market. Tropico has the largest offer, CUREM‘s high-end mattresses provide perfect support for body, mind and spirit, Geltech’s progressive mattresses promote a healthy sleep and Slumberland provides traditional family mattresses. Furthermore, for hotels and spas we have the Hotel Line.

Our product portfolio includes mattresses, grates and beds, and also a number of sleep accessories such as orthopedic anatomical pillows, mattress protectors, massage top mattresses, quilts and pillows.

Tropico is a traditional Czech brand with the largest offer of mattresses and accessories on the Czech market. We offer a great choice of products for the whole family, in all price categories.

Slumberland has offered high class family mattresses since 1919. The product portfolio meets market requirements for high quality at an affordable price.

CUREM mattresses are made of CuremFoamTM memory-foam with a high volume mass. Thanks to this, they have unique capacity of giving relief. The CUREM mattresses help to prevent, or to ease, movement, muscle and joint pains. Feel free to try the most modern technology of the highest possible comfort of sleep.

Geltech are wellness mattresses with a patent system of gel segments that distributes the pressure so that the mattress will suit a wide spectrum of body types. Geltech guarantees a sound sleep, high comfort, excellent bed hygiene and a long bed lifetime.


Spirit. Sleep with a soul.

The Spirit Continental beds are designed and made with the greatest possible emphasis on comfort and support of the body while you are sleeping. We care about a long lifecycle of all structures, easy maintenance and, last but not least, appearance and style.

The Czech-Slovak Spirit Continental beds are a place for your rest, dreams, wishes and intimacy. A place for regenerating your body and soul. The Spirit beds will make at least one of your dreams come true. To dream and sleep deeply and healthily.

The Spirit beds are works of art, evidencing the craftsmanship of Czech and Slovak craftsmen.
They are what you want them to be.

We will not advise you which one to choose, that would be a shame. It will be better for you to try our Spirit beds yourself! Only then will you know which one suits you best.

Try the variant Continental or the variant Adaptix, with a state-of-the-art positioning system, which will not disrupt your sleep in any way…