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The Sleepwell collection is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and natural materials. The broad product range includes all consumer segments.

Hilding Anders Baltic introduced the Sleepwell collection for the first time in 2005 in Estonia. In 2006 sales were undertaken in Latvia and in 2007 in Lithuania. The Sleepwell collection was launched in an entirely new format in 2010.

The Sleepwell mattress collection includes box-mattresses, spring mattresses, continental beds and top mattresses, divided in three categories. Top mattresses form a separate product group as they can also be used independently and not only as toppers for mattresses. We have developed separate products for hotels based on hospitality-specific needs.


Sleepwell collection

BLUE – for economy segment
Sleepwell Blue is a series of products for people who value simplicity and yet refuse to give up the comfort of sleeping.

RED –for medium segment with an average or slightly above average income
The Sleepwell Red series are for those who value quality and realise that a comfortable bed is a source of good health and vitality.

BLACK – for premium segment with above average and higher income
The Sleepwell Black is a series for those who only settle for the very best, for people who value the supreme comfort of use, highest quality and elegant design.