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Carpe Diem Beds wins Wohnidee-Leser-Award


Hilding Anders’ premium brand Carpe Diem Beds was introduced to the German market in 2014, an impressively short time ago considering the brand’s recent achievements. In January, the brand was awarded the Wohnidee-Leser-Award.

Wohnidee is one of the leading German Interior Design Magazines with a circulation of about 110.500 copies. The readers decide which pieces of furniture in the seven categories should win the annual award, and the winners are presented at IMM in Cologne in January.

Jörgen Thuresson, Brand Manager at Carpe Diems Beds, attended the price ceremony:

“This award will strengthen the position of Carpe Diem Beds in the German market. We are always extra happy when our customers are the jury – it shows that we have managed to communicate Carpe Diem Beds’ core values, that it is a Scandinavian premium boxspring bed, which is handcrafted by people who love their work.”

Image: Rolf Das, Sales & Marketing Director at Hilding Anders Germany, Dagmar Thalau, Manager at Thalau Relations and Jörgen Thuresson, Brand Manager of Carpe Diem Beds.