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Slumberland in the limelight at Chinese “Double 11” event


The Slumberland e-shop in China was officially recommended by e-commerce giant T-mall for this year’s “Double 11” – the Chinese equivalent of Black Friday.

The Slumberland brand has been available on the Chinese market for over 20 years. However, e-commerce hasn’t really been exploited – until recently.

“Our first flagship e-shop opened in June 2015.“ says Eric Fang, Marketing Director at Hilding Anders China. “The scene was T-mall, an e-commerce marketplace managed by the Alibaba Group. Being a late starter, we needed to move as fast as we could to compete with the strong local performers. In the past 6 months, Hilding Anders China has initialized several new activities – product development, new page design and a traffic building program in cooperation with our e-commerce dealer.”

Image right: Hilding Anders China e-comm team.

And the efforts paid off. With solid sales growth every month and other KPIs continually optimized, Hilding Anders China was included as one of T-mall’s officially recommended brands in the furniture and bedding category for the 2015 “Double 11” event.

“This meant our shop would gain tremendous brand exposure and shopper traffic that day,” says Eric Fang.

To make the most of the attention, the e-shop was thoroughly prepared for “Double 11”.

“We specially designed three new products exclusively for three unique programs of “Double 11”. Simultaneously, we increased our online advertising to heat up our brand and shop before the event started. When summarizing, we had reached 8.4 million RMB retail sales value during the campaign. This result meant we ranked 9th among mattress brands, which by far exceeded our expectations. Especially considering we were only ranked 20th in the 3rd quarter of 2015.”

“Expanding the online business is one of the most important strategies for Hilding Anders China. To achieve that we are going to explore more e-commerce platforms besides Alibaba, and introduce more brands like Vono and Bico in the future. We expect to be among the top three players of the business within the coming 3 years,” concludes Eric Fang.

More about “Double 11” – a background

“Double 11” is known as the Chinese Black Friday. The concept was created by Alibaba in 2009, and as the name indicates it takes place on the 11th of November. It keeps driving online shoppers’ enthusiasm to break sales records every year. In recent years, more and more e-commerce platforms, such as JD and Sunning, are joining the game to make this single day as the biggest online shopping event in China.

In 2015, the 7th “Double 11” generated 91 billion RMB of retail sales within 24 hours. That equals over 1800 times more compared to the same day back in 2009, when sales were summarized at 50 million RMB. The huge leap is a real reflection of the fast development and tremendous success of China’s online business.